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Lily Bestiary original woodcut

Lily Bestiary original woodcut

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I am a class A lily lover. In my garden I have toad lilies, day lilies, trout lilies, martagon lilies and tiger lilies. Toad lilies may be one of my favorite flowers, though if I were speaking for my upstate NY climate I would have to pick something native. Every year I am delighted by trout lilies, such a wonderful spring ephemeral. I love the structure of martagon lilies with their many flowers spreading from a single stalk. I have to smash countless red beetles so that I actually get flowers. This year I did a pretty good job and keep hoping that my patches (I have them in 4 places) continue to multiply.

This is my tribute to some species of lilies that have animal names. Perfect for my fellow lily lovers.

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Image size 10”x11”
Paper size 15”x16”
Title: Lily Bestiary 

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