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Chicken Dino Woodcut

Chicken Dino Woodcut

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One of the first things I did when we were ordered to stay at home because of the Coronavirus was to get a small flock of chickens. They have brought so much joy (and eggs) to our backyard. Though it has been tricky with two poodles who want to eat them...I love watching and petting my birds, feeding them from my hand and weeding with them around, they love to stare at the clumps of grass I am about to pull and then pounce and scratch and dig at the recently disturbed soil. Right now as I type, I hear one of them drinking from the gutter...her little beak tap tap tapping on the metal.

This piece is about the evolution of chickens, from dinosaurs (if you have ever spent time with chickens, they look like little dinos) to Junglefowl from SE Asia (the ancestors of all domestic chickens) to wild and wonderful breeds, like the silver laced cochin that is pictured.

image size 10" x 11"
edition size 15
title: Which Came First?

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