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South Of North Woodcut

South Of North Woodcut

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Just one of these prints left, found in my archives.

In the far North, Polar Bears are interacting with Grizzly Bears in ways that were not possible in the recent past. Sea ice is melts away and two bear species get to play.

A $50,000 fee paid to hunt a towering white bear in the arctic revealed an unexpected twist. The catch was a little odd, it's eyes were pointed forward, there was a large hump on its back and its fur was mottled white and tan. The DNA of the bounty was tested and it was proven to be a "Pizzly" or a Polar bear/Grizzly bear cross. Good thing for the hunter, he was almost fined another thousand bucks for killing a grizzly bear (as it is illegal to kill a Grizzly, but not a Pizzly.)

image size 24” x 32” Paper size about 32" x 39"

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