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Leafy Sea Dragon 3 block woodcut

Leafy Sea Dragon 3 block woodcut

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I sold out of all the reduction woodcuts that I made of this piece so I am making another edition where I carved 3 blocks and printed them together. It makes for a more affordable piece of art. If you would like it framed, just send me a message and I can tell you about framing options.

I made this piece after hearing about sea dragons very beautiful mating dance. They need a lot of vertical space to move up and down the water column. In captivity they are extremely hard to breed. Males have a brood pouch on their tail, the sea dragons are “born” there and then go off on their own as tiny amazing looking little babies. Most of them are eaten up but if they do make it to adulthood they turn into the most splendid creatures with decorative fins that look like seaweed. They have tiny pectoral fins that move at lighting speed, and that is the only way they are able to move around the ocean.

If you can’t tell, I am completely enamored by these fish and hope you are too :) #seadragon #leafyseadragon #woodcut #printmakingprocess #blockprint #inprogress #artmaking #modernmaker #oceanic #aussieanimals

11" x 25"
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