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Japanese Crane Woodcut LAST ONE

Japanese Crane Woodcut LAST ONE

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I made a large ceramic commission about all the crane species in the world and it was so much fun learning about these big birds I wanted to portray them in a woodcut as well.

Japanese Cranes are an endangered species. There are about 2,500 in the wild. Their mating behavior is very extreme, even for a crane. The males and females throw their heads back in the air, making a joyous raucous noise. They twist necks, bow heads, ruffle feathers and dance.

I wonder what the cranes would think about the legend of paper cranes? A thousand folded paper cranes is thought to bring good luck. Maybe we need to start folding paper cranes for the cranes themselves in hope that their habitat will be preserved and their grace will be enjoyed for centuries to come.

paper size 30 x 48"
edition of 7
Title: Japanese Cranes Speak of Paper Cranes

Please note this is for an unframed woodcut on paper. It will come rolled in a tube. The photos of the framed piece are at a clients house.

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