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Goldfinch woodcut framed in yellow

Goldfinch woodcut framed in yellow

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Goldfinches make me so happy. I can't think of any other bird that I enjoy more seeing flitting around meadows. 2023 has been a year of joy but also of losses. I made this piece to cheer myself up and hope that it brings joy to others as well. The colors are so yummy. I enjoyed mixing up the background colors to make the yellows pop.

Goldfinches love thistles. I keep a few thistles around to be sure they are well fed for their winter travels. Cardoons are the kings of the thistle world, and, this piece features all male goldfinches hence the title, "Kings of Cardoons."

Image Size: 11” x 25"
Title: Kings of Cardoons
Size: 13" x 26.5"

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