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Avocet woodcut framed in yellow

Avocet woodcut framed in yellow

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American Avocets and Foureye butterfly fish are two examples of animals that flock and school together to try to discourage predators from making them into lunch.

Foureye butterfly fish have eyespots on their tails which cause them to look like a larger animal and seem more threatening. When a predator goes to take a bite of their tail, it’s less likely to kill them than if they took a bite of their face. On the other hand they also have eye stripes which tend to divert predators from the eyes. 

Avocets flock together to deter predators. There is safety in numbers, and one bird is likely to sound an alarm. Their patterned plumage makes it harder to get caught in the first place. 

Image Size: 11” x 25"
Title: Patterned Plumage  
Size: 13" x 26.5"

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